How to properly wear a wedding suit

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Some moments remain etched in the memory of a couple for their entire life together. One of them is their wedding day flooded with feelings of joy and love from friends and relatives. 
Browsing through the photo album of that day, one effortlessly recalls the specifically chosen outfit of the couple. The bride admires the groom who wears the most flattering garment for a man, his wedding suit. At the same time, the husband admires his wife in the most elegant wedding dress.
He spent time, trusted the experts in order to present a unique image that reflects his character. He did not just wear a suit, he created a wedding ensemble and discreetly combined the accessories that highlight him. That day he was in the spotlight. His attire was impeccable as he followed the basic rules that every groom should.
The narrow line in the wedding suit is suggested for that day. From the very first moment of fitting in the store, the groom should focus on the shoulders to determine the correct number of the jacket. In case it is an one buttoned jacket, it can be buttoned during the mystery, the photo shoot as well as during the greeting of the guests. If it is a two-buttoned piece, only the top one should be buttoned. Also, the line on the jacket should flatter the perimeter of the man. Exaggerating how medium or not leads to a wrong application. The correct length of the sleeve of the jacket is down to the beginning of the thumb with the arms straight and parallel to our body unless we want the end of the cuff to appear slightly on the shirt. Then,the height of the jacket sleeve is adjusted correctly (a little higher). As far as the trousers are concerned, it follows the style of the jacket, it is made in a narrow line and does not emphasize the legs in any case. On their wedding day no one wants to feel suffocated in very tight pants. It is common practice for manufacturers to leave the length of the pants extended so that it can be adjusted to the appropriate height. The tip is to touch the shoe with a slight bending of the fabric in front. At the back, the length should reach the middle of the shoe at most. All the above instructions make the man dapper at this special moment of his life. With the assistance of our trained customizers of PRINCE stores, fitting your new suit becomes an experience.
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