Combining wedding suit pieces

Posted by prince 12/03/2019 0 Comment(s) Blog,
After she said "yes" to the marriage proposal, ‘’the fun begins’’. The preparations need to be made, require time and good mood. From the color of the decoration to the menu at the wedding table and from the choice of wedding dress to choosing of the ideal wedding suit, the journey is long, but the destination is worth it. Choosing a wedding suit can be made easier if we know what we are asking for and have faith in our taste, we are not afraid to stand out and we choose the right store with clothing consultants that we can trust. The first thing we need to decide, is the color of our suit. The choice will be either dark and timeless in blue or black, or light and modern, based always on the time we set the wedding. The color of the summer is timelessly blue in all its range. From dark blue to royal blue, there is no limit to the combination. The contrasts between the wedding suit and the color of the wedding set that we will use, win the impressions. Light colored suits support darker wedding accessories and vice versa. The result is charmingly reflected in the wedding photos as well as in the eyes of the guests. If we choose the same color category for the wedding set and the suit, we make a more "logical" combination that is timeless, more classic and discreet. Whether the groom’s set consists of a vest with a tie and a scarf, or a belt with a bow or a triangle, or if we choose a more "quiet" style with a wedding tie and scarf, our color choices are endless. Usually, the groom's set may have a detail with the color of the decoration, as long as it is not intense and we do not risk spoiling an already successful combination. This detail can be in the handkerchief-poset that we will use, in the color that composes on our belt or even on the bow tie. The goal is to achieve a high level of result that will be ensured by qualified clothing consultants who will take care of the details. The colors should blend harmonically while we avoid extreme and eccentric choices. Besides, the groom owe it to himself to be well dressed but he also want the lights that day thrown on the woman by his side.
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