10 Basic advices before suiting up as a groom

Posted by prince 12/03/2019 0 Comment(s) Blog,
The big day is approaching, and it looks like I am going to forget something in the end. I am the groom and I have to be careful so I do not have last minute unpleasant surprises. The following 10 basic tips save the day.
1) I choose a manufacturer's shop for my wedding suit to enjoy the advantage of the know-how of the people who are in charge for each stage of the garment production until its perfection.  
2) I ask the consultant, in the store I trust, for every detail about the application and the combination I will choose.
3) I pay attention to the size and the quality of the fixtures that will be applied to achieve a perfect fit, based on my own body type.
4) I check that all items I chose are included upon receipt.
5) I always carry my wedding suit carefully inside the special carrying bag provided by the store, avoiding getting it dirty or wrinkled.
6) I avoid dry cleaning the suit before the wedding if I am not 100% sure about the laundry I choose.

7) I prefer to iron my wedding suit before the wedding as fitting of the garment will be highlighted.
8) I keep my groom's shirt and suit on separate hangers, always outside the carrying bag in order to ventilate and to avoid any wrinkles until the very last moment.
9) I prefer a light perfume for that day and I definitely wear it before I get dressed. This way I avoid any last-minute stains on the fabrics.
10) I make sure to have another wedding shirt with me, identical to the original if possible, to be sure. On this demanding day you will definitely need it after the mystery or at the wedding feast that follows.
PS: And remember not to be very late..!!
Yours sincerely